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We offer a broad array of multimedia services: from making wedding movies, commercial video promotion, concert live events, converting VHS tapes to DVD disks, and most everything else in between. You may enjoy reading some of my articles about wedding planning on my Contacts Page which offer some 'behind the scenes' perspective to make you wedding run smoothly.

Being a small business, we offer the personal touch you have been looking for. We understand you don't just want to hire a videographer - you want an event immortalized to relive, document, or communicate a message. That's our mission: to help you achieve your vision or objective through multimedia.

At SpearRanch Multimedia we really care about creating quality products. Many of our events are captured using multiple cameras to provide a more professional look and feel when the raw footage is edited down into a polished final movie. This ensures your story is told from different perspectives.

One of the most difficult, but important, things to accomplish is capturing good audio. We take extraordinary effort to ensure the action has well captured€” audio as well as video. Watch the wedding example under our Products tab to see how different camera angles and audio from the pastor and groom make the movie seem like you are in the audience reliving the event.

Don't trust your important events to a friend hand-holding a camcorder and watching unedited footage when you can afford to capture the event professionally.

Browse our website for more information. The Products page provides short examples of some of our work and you can view customer feedback.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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